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Your people are your key to success. Lenard & Lenard makes way for the potential of people. Through strategic advice, (executive) coaching, training or with the help of interim professionals.


The digital platform of Lenard & Lenard uses gamification for behavioral change and the realization of intended goals. It can be applied for example for onboarding or engagement of a new strategy.


A working environment is about more than furniture. Lenard & Lenard helps organizations to turn the working environment into a positive context in which employees can excel.


Innovation comes to life in the concepts of Lenard & Lenard. In co-creation with our customers and partners, we combine expertise and vision into innovative and effective approaches.

‘Us in the future’ workshop

In these workshops experienced trainers guide the participants to gain new insights and together give meaning to us in the future. To make way for people as the flywheel of success.

Discover us in the future together

Human Potential

With the support of the Lenard & Lenard platform participants are challenged to actually embark on new paths. Covering essential themes such as personal leadership, vitality and inclusion.

Business Cabaret

Jörgen Raymann and Benito Doelwijt  in the theater

In 2020, Lenard & Lenard launches the business cabaret ‘Us in the future’, inspired by the book “The people of tomorrow” written by Margôt van Brakel. The cabaret is about the challenges in the world of today and the possibilities in the world of tomorrow. It is part of the campaign to break the unhealthly running wheel of our current working culture.

‘Us in the future’ as a dialogue starter 

Business Cabaret

It is a playful and interactive program which holds up a mirror, and with a smile and a tear we’ll explore what is means to become people of tomorrow. The cabaret is sponsored by our partners.

Perform better together

Insights in the behavior

Lenard & Lenard guides individuals and teams to perform better together. By providing insights in the behavior of yourself and others, by setting goals and determining what you want to be known for. We teach you how to use this in (sales) discussions, meetings and / or in managing and setting up teams.

More impact

Samen beter presteren

During an intensive and interactive program we work with individuals and / or teams to be more effective and guaranteed to be effective. We have already been able to guide many organizations and executives.

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The power of the network

Lenard & Lenard is a network organization. We believe in the power of the network, because you never have all the knowledge and expertise you need. Our partners complement each other and together we can be more impactful than on our own. We work together with scientists and professionals with proven expertise, based on a joint vision.

Working from motivation

Tapping into the potential of employees is the golden key for better performance. Working from motivation makes way for this potential. The ingredients are connectedness, satisfaction, success and being part of something bigger than yourself. Lenard & Lenard helps organizations to adopt this powerful foundation.

We would love to get things going for you.

To maximize human potential.