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Performance meets happiness

Increase your efficiency and your happiness

How would it be if you can improve your results and you realize your ambition by gaining insight into behavior and your positive attitude?

Performance meets happiness

is an interactive session with Jörgen Raymann Benito Doelwijt where you get practically applicable knowledge profiles (behavior), passion, happiness and how this leads to better performance.

Benito Doelwijt & Jorgen Raymann

Benito Doelwijt, performance specialist – Jörgen Raymann, radio- and tv maker/presenter, motivational speaker



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Understanding behaviour

2-day Profiling training

Understand the behavior of others and of yourself and increase your efficiency in (sales) talks, meetings and / or controlling and assembling teams.


Increase efficiency and effectiveness

Our profiling training teaches you to observe behavior of others and respond effectively to it. You get an understanding of what questions you should or should not ask to achieve a certain goal. You learn to fully adapt your message towards your audience or interlocutor (s). And you will also get a grip on the feedback and responses of others.

This hands-on training will allow you to be guaranteed more effective in a fun way – for a reason this training has always been assessed with a 9+.


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Tailor made session

The future of work

It is the ambition of Jörgen Raymann and Benito Doelwijt to mobilize people to think about and to constructively  talk about the future and sustainability of work.

Join us!

Join Jörgen Raymann and Benito Doelwijt and talk with your employees about sustainability, leadership, war for talent, health, work-life balance, improving performance. In their very unique way, they ensure easy discussions on important topics during a customized session for your team, department or organization.


Looking for a session for your team, department or staff? Please contact us for the possibilities: or call 06 57 67 48 37.

L&L Performance Management

Improves the performance of leaders and teams by using the L&L methodology and serious gaming.

L&L HR Professionals

Seek and attracts the right talent for HR interim positions, temporary replacement and / or permanent employment.

L&L HR Professionals

L&L HR Consultancy

Supports organizations with advice on how to improve the HR function, HR processes and managing talent.

L&L HR Consultancy

L&L Academy

Increase efficiency and leadership of individuals, teams or organizations with training and development programs.

Lenard & & Lenard optimizes the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. We do this at large SMEs, c-level, c-level-1 and corporate organizations. Feel free to call us a management consultancy organization, but we do not fit the standard picture.

Our starting point is the human; the person behind the client. Together with the client we work on profiling and vitality, both physically and mentally, and we optimize together. Our approach provides tangible and concrete results with pleasure and care for each other.

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At L&L, vitality consists of mental and physical fitness. The degree of fitness determines the degree of performance of an individual. Vitality is therefore one of the 3 pillars of how L&L improves the results of the individual, team, process and organization.


L&L is always looking for means and techniques to develop talents, manage performance and support people and companies with transitions. Gamification is a technique that L&L uses as an accelerator within (parts of) organizations where it is essential to make a change or to structurally manage the performance. This includes things such as onboarding, talent management, personal development, teamwork, optimization programs, daily work, and so on.


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