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About Lenard & Lenard

Performance optimizers

See if it can be even better, smarter, faster, more effective and more fun. For us, that starts with behavior. Insight into the behavior of yourself and the other. Our profiling technique provides that insight. When you apply this insight, you achieve different results.

Profiling is the first step within the L&L methodology, followed by focusing on vitality on both a mental and physical level. The final step is to optimize what you do.


Our values indicate what we consider important and what customers can expect from us:

  • Development — Of ourselves, our offer and the methodologies used

  • Quality — In everything we deliver and in the way we deliver

  • Humor — Laughter and having fun in what we do are inextricably linked to better results for us

  • Perseverance — We just don't give up that fast

  • Vitality — A healthy body and a healthy mind are crucial and therefore very important

  • Reliable commitment — We are honest and transparent and believe in genuine commitment to everyone we work with or for

  • Being real — We do not tell stories, we let our actions speak for us

Lenard & Lenard derives its right to exist from profiling. For more than 15 years, Lenard & Lenard has been helping its customers to be more effective. During this time, we have been able to guide the top of politics and of the Dutch business and we are helping a diverse group of entrepreneurs to improve their performance on a human, team, process and organizational level.