For professionals

Lenard and Lenard uses the network principe to up scale. In addition to a small core team, we like to work with professionals that we deploy on projects that match with the strengths of the professional. We do not only look at experience, but we also take someone’s  profile of and potential in consideratie.  Your core attitude, how you act, how you have developed and where you want to develop to, are as important to us as the knowledge and experience you gained and the successes you achieved. Since we promise our customers to improve their results, we expect our professionals to deliver the agreed output.

Lenard and Lenard methodology

We use our own methodology. And we think it is important that professionals who join us our familiair with the building blocks of this methodology. Read more about the Lenard and Lenard methodology here.

Join our network

Are you a professional in the field of HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing or Process Optimization? Do you have a proven track record, do you dare to show us what your potential is, in which area you want to develop further and do you think vitality is just as important as we are? Then join us on our network. Send an email with motivation and your profile to: sv@lenardandlenard.com

  • Development — Of ourselves, our offer and the methodologies used

  • Quality — In everything we deliver and in the way we deliver

  • Humor — Laughter and having fun in what we do are inextricably linked to better results for us

  • Perseverance — We just don't give up that fast

  • Vitality — A healthy body and a healthy mind are crucial and therefore very important

  • Reliable commitment — We are honest and transparent and believe in genuine commitment to everyone we work with or for

  • Being real — We do not tell stories, we let our actions speak for us