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L&L Academy

L&L sees development as a continuous process and essential for achieving maximum results. We believe that talents, professionals who can develop, are more involved and more motivated and that development contributes to being happy at work and that it gives purpose to their work.

Moreover, training and development is needed to teach professionals specific skills, to grow in knowledge and skills or to prepare them for a certain position.

We believe that companies should link the individual development of talents, professionals to their unique qualities and the intended purpose that a company has with them. Gamification is part of the L&L training program. Gamification guarantees continuous development in a contemporary, committed and individual-oriented manner. Progress and results can be viewed in real time. By using gamification, an organization gives employees control over their own development. And it offers opportunities to stimulate collaboration.

Personal effectiveness, leadership and collaboration

Our trainings help individuals and teams to develop skills to improve personal effectiveness, leadership and collaboration. The composition of the training courses and development programs offer everyone the necessary development at individual level to be able to achieve the joint objectives that have been determined.

ROC Kop van Noord-Holland/Education group North-West Holland

enard and Lenard believes it is important to reduce the distance between the business community and training institutions. That is why, for example, from September 2019 we provide training for the adult education of the ROC Kop van Noord-Holland / Onderwijsgroep NoordwestHolland.

We provide the following trainings in partnership with the ROC/NWH:

  • Management skills (basic & advanced)

  • Profiling

  • Speaking in public for beginners

  • Master class ‘Presenting’ with Jörgen Raymann

  • Consultative selling (basic & advanced)

  • Negotiation techniques

  • AVG course

  • Entrepreneurship (beginners & advanced)

  • Process optimization in 3 variants (introduction, light, heavy)

You can register from September 2019 on the site of the ROC/OnderwijsgroepNWH.