DO – methodology

Lenard & Lenard improves the results of individuals, teams, processes and organizations and we do this through our own distinctive way of working: our DO-principle. DO is a concept that immediately forms the basis of everything L&L does. We work and live according to this method.

We believe that all change starts with the individual, the person behind the client. That is why we first optimize the individual, then the team, then the organization and we end up at the processes.

Through our profiling technique we provide insight into our own behaviour and actions. We look at vitality, both physically and mentally, and together we implement improvement opportunities.


Vitality and change

We take vitality very seriously; it has an impact on performance. Vitality in our words is both mental and physical fitness. To improve personal vitality we do physical tests and we look at nutrition, sleep, relaxation, exercise and fitness, among other things. In short: how healthy do you live? We set improvement goals based on the outcome of the tests. Lenard & Lenard helps to achieve these goals with various programs, for example in the field of nutrition and exercise.

Imagine what happens when the vitality of an entire team grows! Fit employees are less often on sick leave and have a higher productivity. Besides this, a vital organization is more resilient to change.

It is not in humans to change just like that: as long as there is no immediate danger, the primitive man in us remains the same known place and does not leave for unknown territory. Change is often preceded by a necessity. People with a strong will may change things easier, but they also need insight into their own actions. Behavioral change requires awareness, commitment and, moreover, courage. That is why we do that together and our DO-rules of life help in this.



1. Health

Good physical care is essential: ensure a healthy diet, good sleep quality and sufficient exercise. Rest and relaxation are also part of it: it’s okay to switch off occasionally, build in reflection moments or take a day off.

2. Aware of time

There is often a lot of effect to be gained in dealing more consciously with time. Focus: multi-tasking is just a buzzword. Focus your attention on one thing. Avoid delay: start immediately and look for no excuse not to do something. Be goal-oriented: clearly say ‘no’ to things that do not contribute to your goal. Keep an eye on long-term goals.

3. Result-oriented

Perseverance and determination lead to positive results. Prepare well so that you are not faced with surprises.

4. Limits

Know your limits and accept that you do not have everything under control. You better focus on matters that you can influence.

5. Choices

Dare to make choices, even if the result is unknown. Don’t wait to share ideas until they are perfect; Perfection is only an endeavor. And if you have made a choice, dare to let it go.

6. Sincerity

Be yourself: popularity is not a goal in itself. There will always be people who don’t like you or your promotions. And moreover: let yourself be heard. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion in a good way.

7. Responsibility

Don’t blame others. See what you can do yourself.

8. Positivity

Surround yourself with positive people. They have a good influence on your performance average and therefore on your chance of success.

9. Self-criticism

Be critical of yourself and of your actions. Assess your actions and methods continuously. If necessary, improve and guarantee change.

10. Listening

Be open to other people’s ideas and criticism and dare to change your insight. This also creates the best chance of synergy.




Over the past twenty years, Lenard & Lenard has helped people and organizations to change positively and thereby improve their results. We do our work with a lot of pleasure and we are proud of that.


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