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Lenard & Lenard uses gamification to enable organizations to make their talents & professionals make the difference in this ever-changing and highly competitive market and society. By using game principles and techniques, L&L accelerates transitions of organizations and the personal effectiveness in human behavior, management and control of activities. This acceleration ultimately ensures increased performance.

With gamification, an organization can focus on improving the life, work and productivity of employees. This makes the organization more attractive as an employer. Talents & professionals get more satisfaction from their work, the chance of success increases and with it the hope of success, people feel more connected and part of something bigger. These intrinsic motivations form the basis of an optimal work experience and an increased operating result.

Gamification responds to the principle of intrinsic reward: by giving professionals an environment to achieve goals, they are given the opportunity to choose their own experience, development, result, and in fact a reward.

Examples of goals that can be achieved, are: getting acquainted qualitatively and quantitatively with your new work environment (onboarding), achieving personal vitality goals, taking steps in competence and / or professional development, doing routine work, implementing changes. Related rewards are professional-specific on the one hand and on the other, team-generic.

The specific game principles and techniques are bundled in a SaaS platform environment in which fixed components are used to put together the right layout for the specific customer / issue.

The SaaS gaming platform has the following building blocks:

  • Knowledge sharing: knowledge that talent and professionals are offered which they apply directly in their daily lives

  • Strategic alignment: new organizational developments and operational activities are linked to individual objectives

  • Fun & focus: talents & professionals enjoy achieving their goals, with the focus on achieving positive results

Origin Gaming Platform

L&L is a network organization and is constantly looking for connections with specialists in the market to continuously improve our services. This principle also forms the basis for the cooperation with Dutch Authentics in which mutual expertise in the field of performance, talent and change management is the connecting factor.