L&L Optimization

L&L talents support organizations to improve and guarantee the performance and efficiency of the most critical business processes. An L&L Optimization program starts with the human being: within these optimization programs humans are seen as a critical success factor.

L&L has the following programs:

  • Organizational Performance Program (OPM)

  • HR Process Optimization

  • Talent Management Optimization

  • Business Process Optimization

Organizational Performance Program

OPM is about Performance Management for individual talents & professionals, teams, projects, processes and the organization as a whole. OPM translates goals into concrete returns. More and more organizations face the challenge of defining results, measuring these and continuously achieving more than before or improving current achievements. The OPM program creates and supports a healthy, effective and result-oriented culture within which it is possible to achieve and increase individual and organization-wide returns. OPM improves individual performance by, among other things, providing insight into the personal contribution. It promotes the continuous development of employees and managers by giving them access to a continuous development program for personal effectiveness. And it increases the overall effectiveness of the organization.

HR Process Optimization

L&L sees HR management as a spider in the web when it comes to optimizing business processes and organizations. To deliver value, L&L believes that HR management should devote more time to accelerating strategic and operational developments and improvements and less time to traditional administrative and compliance activities. L&L HR Process Optimization supports organizations in fulfilling the HR management role. This support consists, for example, of developing policies aimed at improvement trajectories, developing and designing programs to help talents and professionals to adapt to process changes, monitor training and education and involving people, help teams with solving organizational issues and team building. On the other hand, L&L HR Process Optimization focuses on performing a consistent and reliable implementation of traditional HR administrative services (such as payroll and benefits) via automated procedures. It is ensured that this is done at low costs and / or that use is made of shared or outsourced services to external parties.

HR-Management & Talent Optimization

L&L believes that people make the difference in this ever-changing and highly competitive society. HR management should therefore focus on improving life, the output of work and the way in which the talents & professionals act: their motivation, involvement, job satisfaction and productivity. In recent years, talent management has undergone a development in which silos were broken and needs from the business and the professionals were increasingly met. An integrated HR management cycle has emerged that starts with recruiting and onboarding and has elements such as performance management, career guidance, development, succession planning, gap & skill analysis. With the current war for talent, the need is apparent for transparency, trust, honesty and a mindset focused on purpose, development and change. And within the organization there must also be interest for a healthy well-being and stress level for the employee where productivity is at the center.

L&L HR Management & Talent Optimization supports companies to shift the focus to improving life, the output of work and the way in which the talents & professionals act: their motivation, involvement, job satisfaction and productivity. It helps organizations to respond to economic changes. Based on the L&L methodology, an environment is set up where employees can continuously develop and be in control of that development, where new challenges or projects can be taken on, working in a team is strengthened and where they have access to vitality and welfare programs.

Business Process Optimization

Employees must be supported in their work by well-designed processes and the right systems. L&L believes that people make the difference in continuously achieving optimized business goals. This requires the optimization of processes. The profit that is gained with optimization consists of, among other things, efficiency improvement, support for the organization in change processes and in managing risks, adaptation to the market and providing guaranteed and qualitative service.

L&L Business Process Optimization focuses primarily on processes within the Finance, HR and Marketing & Sales domains. It identifies opportunities for process improvement and for the development of sustainable solutions. It helps an organization to go through a strategic change process and it helps to make products and services faster, better and more efficient without compromising on quality. All this by combining known and established methodologies and always with the client goal as the starting point.