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L&L Performance Management

The core of L&L Performance Management focuses on people and their behavior. A high degree of self-knowledge and insight into the effect of behavior on others, increases effectiveness in interactions such as during negotiations and in team meetings. For this we use, among other things, our profiling technique and performance coaching.

Another part of human and behavior is vitality, both physically as. Personal effectiveness is also determined by how healthy someone is in both areas.

Optimization of (daily) activities, processes, procedures of an individual or team, is the last part of L&L Performance Management.

L&L Performance Management can be used both for individuals and teams and within any form of management. However, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a team always starts with the manager / senior executive. Our experience shows that leadership determines the performance of a team. Developing leadership requires a great deal of self-reflection, self-knowledge and the courage to be vulnerable as a leader.


Gamification is one of the means at L&L to improve the performance of a team. Via an online platform, the team and the individual members of the team gain access to specific assignments that are aimed at achieving the defined performance goal. The focus is to achieve team and individual targets, collaborate together and to optimize team processes. The manager and team members can view the progress of their own performance and that of the other team members in real time.