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L&L Talent Acquisition

To connect organizations with the right executives, senior and middle managers for permanent positions and temporary support in the areas of HR, finance, business processes, marketing and sales. L&L believes that there must be a match between the values and ambitions of the organization and those of the individual. The composition of the team also determines who is needed to fill an open vacancy or to as temporary support. Relevant expertise and experience are 2 other important elements.

The person behind the candidate

L&L Talent Acquisition looks at the person behind the candidate and takes the development potential of the candidate and his / her development needs into account in the search for the best match between candidate and organization. Moreover, we use the L&L method to look for the right combination in terms of behavior, vitality and processes. This means that we solely propose the best match to the organization.

Development as a continuous process

L&L talents can be deployed on a new or current project, as temporary support when specific expertise is needed, as a replacement for an absent colleague and for a permanent position.

A talent at L&L is not bound by age, gender, etcetera. All L&L talents know the L&L method and see development and optimization of their own performance as a continuous process. In addition, when a L&L talent works on a temporary assignment, the effectiveness and the result are measured on the basis of agreed goals and key performance indicators (kpi’s). L&L talents enjoy what they do and take care of their project, themselves and the people around them.