L&L HR Professionals

Connecting organizations and the right HR executives, HR managers and HR professionals for permanent and / or temporary support. L & L believes that there must be a match between the values and ambitions of the organization and the individual. Also, the composition of the team determines who is required to fill a vacancy or as temporary support. Relevant expertise and experience are two other important elements.

The person behind the candidate

L&L looks at the person behind the candidate and shall, in addition to background and experience, with the profile and development potential of the candidate and his / her needs in terms of development in the search for the best match between candidates and organization.

Development as a continuous process

L&L HR professionals can be deployed on new or ongoing HR projects, as temporary support when a specific HR expertise is needed, to replace an absent colleague and/or for  a permanent job.

A professional at L & L is not bound by age, sex, etc. All L&L professionals know the L&L methodology and see  development and optimization of its own performance as a continuous process. Moreover, in a temporary filling, effectiveness and results are measured against agreed targets and key performance indicators (KPIs). L&L professionals enjoy what they do and take care of their project and the people around them.