Us in the future

“Us in the future” is a campaign to the break the unhealthly running wheel of our current working culture. To find new ways that lead to a different results. With this campaign we facilitate the dialogue about the people of tomorrow, about what the success factors are and how we make way for those success factors. We do this through ‘Us in the future workshops’ guided by experienced trainers. In addition, we will enter the stage in spring with the Business Cabaret as a dialogue starter. The campaign is supported by our platform to extend the dialogue from vision to action and is made possible in part by our partners.

The campaign covers essential themes such as personal leadership, vitality and inclusion.


The book “People of tomorrow – from Homo Sapiens to Homo Conexus ” written by Margôt van Brakel, partner at Lenard & Lenard, has provided inspiration.

The book shares a vision of ‘people of today’ and gives a glimpse in the world of tomorrow. With a unique combination of personal experiences and insights linked to social themes, it exposes the essence. The people of tomorrow are truly human. Able to connect like no other – but not just in a digital way. The homo conexus distinguishes itself by connecting with itself, with another and with the whole, in order to revalue human values ​​from that connection and embrace the power of diversity. 

De mens van morgen