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Together with the client, L&L identifies how vitality can be improved. Physical fitness, for example, leads to higher productivity. Mental resilience provides a more positive attitude and lets setbacks have less effect, which increases the effectiveness of employees.

To improve the vitality of an individual, food, sleep, rest and relaxation, exercise, sport, fitness, weight, muscle, bone and fat mass are among other things considered. For this a fit test is taken and a measurement is done by a human movement scientist. Based on the result, an individual can determine his or her own improvement goals. To achieve these goals, various programs are available, for example in the field of nutrition and exercise.

The vitality of a team is the sum of all individual team members. In addition, the degree of work pressure and stress and the atmosphere within a team are also considered. If necessary, an improvement plan is drawn up in which concrete goals are formulated.

The degree of vitality of an organization influences the result of an organization in various areas. Sustainable employability of employees results in healthy employees who are less often sick. They therefore cost less money and have a higher productivity. A vital organization is resilient in dealing with setbacks and changes, which has an impact on efficiency and focus, and therefore on the speed with which results are achieved.

Depending on what an organization wants to achieve, a specific vitality program is set up where specific goals are set. To support this, an online platform is set up in which individual employees can follow their own development plan in the area of ​​vitality and are encouraged to achieve their defined goals.