What do you need to achieve results?

Nanette - 12 July 2019

You want to achieve something, be more effective, more focused. Some people who have achieved something, have managed to do that because of what they do and how they look at life. We list a number of these common traits *.


People who have achieved something, have:


1. A goal in mind

Not just a goal for themselves, but also for the team. And everyone in the team knows where they are heading towards. Otherwise you don’t know how to get there together.


2. Thorough preparation

Experience in the industry, market, sector where they work. They are ‘in the field’ where their customers and competitors are. And they analyze and massage an idea as long as necessary to have enthusiastic customers waiting for it. They also have a plan B, in case plan A does not work. And they are willing to amend it however it is necessary.


3. The right people around

This is a group of people, close to them where they can turn to for advice themselves. And it also refers to the team they have formed around them. They don’t feel threatened by people who have more knowledge than they do. And they enjoy helping others to develop – even if that means they are outgrown themselves. Moreover, they put time and energy in the optimization of the team and its individual team members because they know that positive, committed team members are going the extra mile for the stated goal.


4. A drive

They are often eager, focused on winning, have a high energy and their enthusiasm is contagious for their environment. They know how to make something extra out of nothing. And they are constantly turning and adapting approaches, systems and processes until they run smooth and deliver what the client is expecting. Their own growth is never finished and they always find new ways to learn and develop.


5. Insight into their own behavior and the courage to be vulnerable

People who achieve results know what their strengths and weaknesses are, when their weaknesses are expressed and how to deal with them. They show others around them that being vulnerable, such as admitting that you were wrong or that you need help, is not a weakness but a sign of strength.

6. Eye for health and appearance

A conscious approach to health, both mentally and physically, is a precondition for targeted people. They make little or no concessions to this. They also know how important the right appearance is. This goes from taking personal care of their look to the presentations of the company.


7. Eye for others around them

Productive people approach their goal without disrespecting others. Being more effective also means that you collaborate smartly and create synergy with the relationships you build, while remaining true to your own priorities.


8. The future in sight

Successful people do not linger in the past but learn from mistakes and constantly look to the future. What is needed, where does the market, the company, the product go? Which developments should we anticipate? By doing this, you stay focused on the things that matter.


Are there traits that we have not mentioned, but which you think are certainly important? Tell us!

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* The above mentioned traits have been based on input from  3 Things Successful People Do – J. Maxwell, The 7 traits of effective leadership – S Covey and The Leadership Traits Shared by Successful Entrepreneurs by Michael Glauser and Dan Holland