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Who we are

Our mission is to maximize human potential.

At Lenard & Lenard we believe that people are your differentiator. They are your key to success. We also believe that people are capable of much more than we currently experience. With expertise, tools, interventions and people, Lenard & Lenard helps organizations to make way for human potential.

What we do

With our services we help organizations to maximize human potential:

  • People: advice, training & coaching and deployment of people.
  • Platform: a digital environment to support development and behavioral change.
  • Workplace: guidance and expertise on ‘making the workplace work’.
  • Concepts: innovation and co-creation for people-focused concepts.

You may call us a management consultancy organization, but we don’t fit the standard picture. Our human focused approach provides tangible and concrete results with pleasure and care for each other.

What we stand for

People are capable of much more than we now experience. We believe there are four key areas that allow the potential of people to surface. These area’s and beliefs are integrated in our work:

People are part of a system. The system should be designed to empower your people to maximize their potential in order to provide the best for themselves, for customers and for society. WorkFORCE is the big body of people in an organization. A system in which the potential can surface thanks to diversity and true attention to people.

A working environment must provide energy; inspire and facilitate people. It is an essential component in the entire work experience and can have a major impact on the performance of employees.

Potential is about energy. Doing work that truly suits you. Knowing yourself so you know what you need to real add value. WorkPower revolves around employees, teams and organizations who know what gives them energy and are able to manage their energy.

Our present time demands that we reconsider our norms about work, about collaboration, and the role that work plays in our lives. And with the advent of artificial intelligence, it becomes more important than ever to put together the frameworks in which we use this intelligence. Determining the norms and frameworks is something that can only happen in collaboration – by being connected.

The paradigm shift

In today’s world, yesterday’s beliefs prevent us from realizing our full potential. Fundamental to unlocking human capacity is a paradigm shift. New times require new beliefs:

– From people as a ‘cost center’ to people as a ‘growth opportunity’

– From ‘one size fits all’ to differentiation

– From performance (push) to flow (pull)

– From work-life balance to work = life & life = work

– From focus on doing to awareness of the importance of being

– From tech as a strategy to tech as a tactic

Lenard & Lenard offers a spectrum of expertise, tools, people and interventions based on these new beliefs. We help organizations, teams and individuals to go through this shift

To maximize human potential.