A working environment is about more than furniture. It is an atmosphere that has a major impact on the results of employees. Lenard & Lenard helps organizations to turn the working environment into a positive context in which employees can excel.

The workplace of today

At the beginning of this century the New Way of Working (NWOW) was introduced. Many companies adapted their office design. Small offices disappeared and made way for the open plan office. Thanks to technology employees can work anytime, anyplace. The main reason for implementing the NWOW was cost savings. Fewer square meters means lower costs. NWOW focuses primarily on the individual employee. However, results are always a team comfort. So how do you optimize the workspace to perform well as a team together?

With the introduction of agile working it becomes clear that sharing a space with all your colleagues is not optimal. It leads to dissatisfaction in the workplace, while pressure on performance is continuously increasing. Recent research reconfirms that there is a clear relationship between workplace and productivity. Lenard & Lenard helps organizations – in dialogue with employees – to make the workplace work. To come to solutions within the limits of the available square meters. Because moving or plugging in square meters is not always an option. The online platform of Lenard & Lenard can support this.

The workplace of the future

Lenard & Lenard believes that our current working culture is not sustainable for the future. Not sustainable for people, companies, the economy, the environment, society, our vitality, for our development and the way of working in itself. We believe that developing yourself can be a fun experience and not something you only do at school or because the employer requires this from you.

Together with partners we are building a (physical) workplace of the future for inspiration and as a model of Dutch innovation.  We are facilitating a dialogue so that everyone can participate in this development. To connect people with each other and to start a movement, we are launching the campaign ‘People of Tomorrow’ [ link to page]. To break the break the unhealthly running wheel of our current working culture. Our own digital platform in part of the campaign.

Starting the dialogue

Jörgen Raymann and Benito Doelwijt from Lenard & Lenard mobilize people to rethink and discuss how we can turn challenges in our current economy into opportunities for the future. By asking critical questionswe want to get the working Netherlands moving and change what can be improved.